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Embark on an unforgettable journey through Ethiopia's historical, cultural, and natural treasures. Begin in Bahir Dar, where you'll explore Lake Tana's ancient monasteries and witness the power of the Blue Nile Falls. Continue to Gondar to marvel at the Royal Enclosure and Debre Birhan Selassie Church. Then, venture to Axum, the ancient capital, to discover its towering obelisks and rich archaeological sites. Journey to the Simien Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to encounter breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife. Finally, immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere of Lalibela, exploring its rock-hewn churches and engaging in cultural experiences. This comprehensive 7-day itinerary offers an incredible exploration of Ethiopia's history, spirituality, and natural wonders.

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Day 1

FLY ADDIS – BAHIR DAR (~ 1:00 hr)

This morning you will fly to one of the biggest cities of Ethiopia: Bahir Dar. After checking in to your hotel and a little refreshment, you will take a boat cruise on Lake Tana to visit the 14th century Monastery of Ura Kidane Mihret which is the most famous of the Zege peninsula monasteries with a very beautiful painted maqdas and priceless collection of crosses as well as crowns.
Later on, you will drive to the village of Tis Isat to see the Blue Nile falls (please be informed that due to the newly constructed electric dam in the vicinity the water level of the falls could be very minimal).

Day 2

DRIVE BAHIR DAR - GONDAR (182km ~4hrs)

Today you will drive to Gondar: a town founded in 1636 by the great Emperor Fassiladas, set in a landscape of incomparable beauty; it was the Royal Capital of Ethiopia. Visit the Castles and Churches built by the Emperor and his descendants.
Later proceed to the fascinating Debre Birhan Selassie Church (a UNESCO World's heritage site) whose walls and ceilings are decorated with scenes of Biblical lore and medieval history.

Day 3

Excursion to Simien Mountains (~ 140 km & ~ 4 hrs.)

After having an early breakfast, you will drive to Simien Mountains National park. En route, you will observe the magnificent scenery with unique flora, the first segment of the Simien Mountains National Park – “Roof of Africa”. Up on arrival you will check-in to the lodge and you will proceed to drive to Sanqaber, you will be able to encounter birds like Lammergeyer and endemic Gelada Baboon. Drive back to Gondar for your overnight accommodation.

Day 4


Be transferred to the airport for your flight to Axum, Ethiopia’s most ancient city. Axum was once the center of a great empire and the seat of learning for the ancient Ge’ez language and literature.
Enjoy a city tour of Axum that includes the Stelae Park, St. Mary’s Church, the Sanctuary Chapel which is the repository of the Ark of the Covenant, the Coronation Yard and Axum Museum, Queen of Sheba’s Palace Ruins and King Kaleb’s tomb.

Day 5


This morning you will be transferred to the airport for your flight to Lalibela. Upon arrival, you will drive to a striking attraction located just outside of lalibela. Yemrehanna Kristos dates back to 1100 to 1200 AD period in Ethiopia's history; predating even the rock hewn churches of Lalibela itself.
The drive there and back is slow yet scenic as one passes villages and churches with a scattering of shepherds every now and again.
After you park your vehicle is a steep walk leading up to Yemrehanna Kristos cave church, roughly 30 minutes.
Inside the cave, a beautiful church presents itself, laid out on a foundation of Africa Olive Wood. While the main structure is a combination of wooden and granite struts. Once inside the church, it is the wooden ceiling that is spellbinding - the attention to detail is extraordinary.
Visit and drive to Lalibela.

Day 6


Lalibela, also known as ‘Africa’s Petra,’ is Ethiopia’s crown jewel. It is home to the most famous churches in the country and is the scene of many major religious ceremonies.
You will visit the magnificent rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, which are called the “Eighth Wonders of the World.” These churches were hand-hewn out of solid rock between 800 - 1200 AD and are still active places of worship.

Day 7


Today you will be transferred to the airport to catch your local flight back to Addis. According on your departure time you will be transferred to the international terminal to catch your flight back home.

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